The Official Master in Sports Management of the University of Lleida, organized by the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC), was recognised by the competent academic institutions as an OFFICIAL qualification for all academic and professional purposes within the new context of official qualifications for postgraduate studies adapted to EHEA (European Higher Education Area).  It follows the spirit of the Bologna model and it is recognised by public bodies as a degree with official academic validity across Spain.

This master is the result of our institution’s broad experience in the field of sports management studies. Since 1990, and for a number of years, we taught a master under this very same name whereby many students who now occupy important positions in the professional world were formed. Since 1988, the B.A. degree in Physical Education has been a major in sports management, becoming a Specific Curricular Itinerary (SCI) after the reform of 1998. Lastly, since 1996 we are working with Olympic Solidarity of the International Olympic Committee in the development of sport management studies for members of big sporting organizations from all over the world, helping with tuition across the five continents and, from 2006, holding responsibility for the Hispanic-Portuguese area through the development of the master “MEMOS” course and the advanced course in sports management “MOSO). Thus, the master that we offer has a program of contents adapted to the new European education challenges but, at the same time, it is based on years of tradition that guarantee success in the chosen options.

The Master offers two clearly defined and differentiated itineraries. On the one hand, the professional-oriented itinerary aimed at people whose main target is a career in sports management or the improvement of their professional skills in this field. On the other hand, the research itinerary, aimed at people whose main objective is to gain access to our doctoral programs and complete a PhD.

One of the points that we must highlight about our program is that it doesn’t offer just one compulsory option for everybody, but it rather gives the choice of an orientation towards four main professional routes: public sector, commercial, associative and technical sport management. This allows students to learn the particularities of each one and improve professional development (professional option) or to specialise in data analysis to prepare a research project (research option).

We have made it our mission to help the maximum number of people benefit from this master’s offer, and thus we have designed for two options:

a) Full time, to those people who have aimed at those grade graduation and aim to continue their education. The program takes place during one academic year.

b) Part time, aimed at those people who have to reconcile training with professional activity. The training takes place over two academic years (2013/2014 and 2014/2015).

Both models share the same intention, materials are organized into compact time blocks once a month. This ensures maximum utilization and coexistence among studentspromoting an environment that fosters learning.

It is our desire, and that’s why we strive, leave satisfied that all interested persons we hope soon to welcome in our institution.